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About me

Hello there! My name is Marco. They say I’m a wanderer, dreamer, traveller, crazy etc… The truth is that since I started traveling something changed in me and I realized that I need to know and discover the world out  there, there’s so much magic and a lot to learn.

I can’t be stuck for long; I need to go, run and explore. I’m a free spirit and I want to have the shivers of adventures on my skin. There is a lot to do, see and so many places to go.

I’m eager to see everything out there, from the big cities to the wild nature. I’ll live once and I don’t wanna to be wasting my time. I want to continue living and enjoying each moment and most importantly, I want to continue traveling! They always taught me to chase my dreams and to do what make me happy, and this is exactly what I want do in my life.

Some people say when I’m older I would have spent my life travelling (I hope so!) and that even though I’ll be full of experiences  I probably won’t have built anything to settle down with. Well, I answer that by saying that when I do look back I’ll see how much it was worth living a life like this!

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