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The story of a candle’s light

I recently came across a really good documentary: Racing Extinction. I really recommend it. Watch the trailer here:

I really love this world and I will never get tired of saying that there is magic out there. In some places the nature is simply breathless. I can’t really explain it in words, and there isn’t even pictures or movies to help you imagine this beauty. If you think that you’ve seen an amazing landscape on tv, that’s nothing compare to the moment of being there. For this reason, at least once in your life you should pack up, and go and see the world with your own eyes.

I’ve been traveling for years and I’ve seen amazing beaches, deserts, forests, the northern light in Norway, animals in the wild African savannah, and beautifully coloured fish in the Great Barrier Reef. The power of nature is simply unbelievable. Some of the things I’ve seen have made me cry tears of joy and happiness and I really hope one day, if you still haven’t felt it, you can get this feeling.

It breaks my heart to know that in the future some of these beautiful things will probably only be stories. How can I tell kids in the generations to come, “You know, years ago there was this beautiful place in this part of the world, but now it’s gone.” Or say to them, “There was this kind of animals that…” I can’t. And the most difficult part is, how can I explain to them that it was our fault and we did nothing to stop it? That I lived that moment, I was here in this insane world out of control, and I saw this beauty vanishing forever.

When I talk with people about environmental change, the usual response is, “Nothing is going to change just because I change.” You’re totally wrong! It’s time to wake up. Think about it. Maybe you don’t want to be involved because it is too much, and you think your actions won’t change anything. Indeed, you are already contributing to change, but it’s just in the wrong direction. Choosing not to be involved in positive change is equal to being involved in making our home a worse place. There is no escape. We are already involved in this, even if you don’t want to be. Our decision is to choose which direction to go.

If you still think that your actions will probably not change a thing, you’re wrong again. Look in to your real potential and look first at how the world can change to you. Every single person has the power, no one is useless in this. Stop thinking there are small actions and big actions, this is the first mistake people make when we think of environmental change.
Light your candle. If someone else see that light I’m pretty sure they will also light theirs. And then, like a domino effect, it will keep going like that by people all around the world. You can spread the light all around. That’s how it works.
You are able to create something. Change your lifestyle, change your diet, let’s start to heal this world, take a step forward in the right direction. #Startwith1thing today!

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

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