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Confessions of a traveller tightrope walker

Thank you! Yes, many thanks to you! For the first time, I am writing my confessions. Here, on a blank page, I write the thanks to you that I have never said. When you finish school and step out ...
Europe / Portugal

Summer of ’16

I ran away from Slovakia. I wanted to follow the sun and the sea. I didn’t know anything about Portugal. Well, I had been there once, to Lisbon, but something was calling me towards the south. I ...

Quit traveling and go back home

I have read internet articles titled “Quit your job and travel!” many times. As if the solution to everything is to travel. I read everywhere, “Go people, travel and leave everything.” To ...

You can’t find happiness

What am I looking for in my travels? Nothing. Sometimes people think others are travelling looking for something. A great place or special feelings. I’m sorry to contradict you, but I’m not ...

Travel for your dreams

I came back a few months ago after a year of traveling and I could not recognise the strange feeling that I started to have. Something had changed. I was suddenly back at home because there was ...