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That time when…

Taking part of the initiative #thattimewhen of Storie di Ritratti, Iet me tell you that story of that time in Africa, when we were surrounded by a herd of buffalos. We were in Africa, and me ad a ...
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All the things we have lost

Even though it’s been years, sometimes I still think about my volunteering experience in Africa. I will never forget all the kids and the people I met there, their smiles and their joy. I ...

There is a place called Eden

One of the most wonderful and unique experience in my life was a safari in Serengeti park in Tanzania. We spent 3 days camping in the savannah, surrounded by pure and uncontaminated nature. We ...


I was hosted by an african family in Gonja, Tanzania. It’s a place in the mountains, I participated in WWOOFing and will never forget Babu. Yes, Babu. That actually means grandfather in ...

Asante sana

One year ago I’ve been to Africa, and I volunteered in an orphanage in Kenya. It was a touching and wonderful experience. This is a short video about some good moments I had there.