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I woke up one day, booked a flight, and I am leaving in 4 days

Yes, here we are! You know when you have dream destinations? You have those places that you always see on TV and say to yourself, “I’m going there one day.” Well, that’s happened to me.

I’m talking about New Caledonia. I saw a documentary about it one day and loved it, and since then I’ve always said, “I will definitely go there.” I’ve always dreamed of going to escape on a little island and to say goodbye to the world for a while. It’s not very far from Australia, where I am now, and the other day I started thinking about going there for a week so I looked at the flight online.
I woke up and it all started as a joke because the first thing I thought was that I couldn’t afford to go there. Actually it wasn’t too bad. Ok, it is not the cheapest place to go, but after looking, looking and looking I found a good deal for a flight, saw some places to camp and in the end I realized that if I wanted to go I could; the money wasn’t a big problem after all. But after I started thinking that even if I could afford to go maybe it was better to save that money and put aside this idea for ’one day’ again.

Then I said… One day when? We spend a lot of time in our lives saying to ourselves, “Yes, I will do it one day, I will go there one day…” But when? Most of the time is never! If there are not really big things that are stopping you from going for the things you want, why wouldn’t you do them?
So I gave up with these thoughts. This time I said, enough! I didn’t think about it too much, I just opened the internet and booked the ticket. Now the flight is leaving in 4 days and I do not have any plans. I decided for one time in my life to just go as I always say. Just go with the flow, and let’s see where this last minute adventure takes me.

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