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Quit traveling and go back home

I have read internet articles titled “Quit your job and travel!” many times. As if the solution to everything is to travel. I read everywhere, “Go people, travel and leave everything.” To be honest, sometimes this type of message makes me sick. One thing is to share what traveling means for us, but another is to sell it as the one and only solution. People quickly yell it out as a solution, when in reality it is not and it leads us to undervalue traveling itself. First of all, traveling cannot be the same for every person, as it doesn’t suit everyone. It could be my way and what I need, but at the same time it may not give the same use to another person. And secondly, traveling is not that easy. When I started to travel for the first time, with all the joy of opening my eyes to the world, I undervalued everything. I would have never imagined to be here now and to be who I am. Everything is so unpredictable.

I was far away from home, traveling again and having new experiences. Suddenly, the feeling to go back home knocked at my door. Going back, why? I was scared. Going back for me was like going against me and what I was believing in. If it was my decision to live the life I was living, and it brought me happiness up until now, why would I need to go back? I had found the solution to everything. Traveling for me was everything. It was learning, having new experiences, living, stretching my mind. I could do all this only by traveling. But nothing made sense now. Going back was not a choice I thought I would have made. But with all my fears, I did it. I suddenly came back home. I fed that thing inside me that was telling me to go back home.

I came back home, not just a new person, but also with new fears, doubts and uncertainties. Well, we are travellers and so are the worst people to have a clear and lucid mind. I talked with family and friends and I felt so stupid. Stupid because I was scared of going back.  Why, to wanderers like us, does the word “going back” give us goosebumps?
Going back is not synonymous of rewinding a tape or remaining. After traveling far away, going back home is itself another journey, and so as it is, has to be taken. I was a fool to think I could only learn and have new experiences by traveling alone. You learn more traveling and going back home then just traveling and being on the road. We need to take that plane back and be happy as we are going to a new place. Without feeling bad and being scared to have inadvertently clicked the “rewind” button.

I want to dedicate these words to you. To you, vagabond, that maybe far away you are reading this and you feel a little strange. Do not be scared, to fight against yourself. Go back home, with a big smile. Take this trip, put your backpack on your shoulders and then leave!

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