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Singapore and Malaysia

After arriving in Singapore we only had a few days left before Lea had to go back to France. There was a lot that we wanted to see and do so we didn’t waste a second.
We arrived 1am and had to stay at the airport because the hostel wasn’t booked until the following day. After a long night, we reached the hostel in Little India, a neighbourhood that makes you feel in a different place than rest of the city.
We spent all day going around the Financial District  and the Marina Bay, followed by an afternoon at the Gardens by the bay, where you can see the famous Supertrees, solar-powered artificial trees that light up at night with beautiful colors and music. We were so tired, due to only sleeping a for few hours the night before, so decided to go back to the hostel for a little rest before going back to the gardens at night. Well, unfortunately we ended up sleeping for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We missed seeing the gardens at night and had already organized a trip to Malaysia for the last two days. Instead, we went to book the tickets for the bus to Kuala Lumpur and the next morning we were on a six hour bus trip, going to Malaysia.
We arrived in Kuala Lumpur and went to our hostel near Chinatown, then spent the day going around the city visiting the Petronas Towers. In the evening we decide to go on a mission: to try the Durian. The Durian is a very popular fruit in Asia, it stinks a lot and has an indescribable taste. If you ever get the chance to try it… go for it, just once in your life! The next day in Malaysia we decided to go to see Batu Caves,  which is  a Hindu Temple inside a cave. We visited the temple and took a tour inside part of the cave where you could hear all the bats flying around your head in the darkness. It was a really cool experience.
Time was running out, so that night we took a bus back to Singapore as Lea had her flight the next day.
We reached Singapore very early in the morning, with no hostel booked, so guess what? We went back to the airport to wait for the flight. I said goodbye to Lea and had a few days left in Singapore. A guy on couchsurfing decided to host me for a couple of nights.

I spent the rest of my time discovering all the other districts of the city, a rainforest park, we’ve been to see a water show in front of the Singapore Hotel and I tried to eat properly with the chopsticks, after hours and hours I managed to do it!
The city, in my opinion, was really strange and different from anything else I’ve seen before. New and innovative architecture in the center and then if you walk around other districts you wonder if you are still in Singapore.
I had other plans after Singapore but fate changed my circumstances and I had to go back to Italy.
Don’t worry it’s just a break on the way, the world is out there waiting for me!


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