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I think you are wondering what Tramprennen means… Well, Tramprennen is a hitchhiking race that takes a lot of hitchhikers traveling around Europe each year.
Me and my friend Rita we decided to join Tramprennen 2014 and our team name was: Funky Monkeys
It was a great trip and experience!
Here on this page you can find all the stages and the final video of our adventure.
Check it out!

Tramprennen 2014 – The movie

We spent hours and hours on the road and in a lot of petrol stations waiting for lifts. We started in Germany and after traveled many kilometres by thumb for two weeks, we arrived in Macedonia. All the participants managed to collect in total around 9.000€ for Viva con Agua, and the counter is still… Continue reading


Tramprennen – 6th stage

Here we go for the final sprint. Arriving at our last checkpoint it wasn’t so difficult actually. We had met other teams on the way and helped each other by sharing a ride for some of the time. We found a nice lift directly to lake Ohrid and our driver even bough us ice cream. We arrived at the… Continue reading


Tramprennen – 5th stage

The next destination for the 5th stage: Vlasina lake in the middle of nowhere in Serbia. It was an easy day in the beginning, we easily found rides and even danced at the toll of the highway but the police didn’t really agree.  We We had almost arrived at the end when an old man left us just 20… Continue reading


Tramprennen – 4th stage

After we spent our buffer day in Pecs, next morning we left the city towards Serbia. Our plan was to go to Uzice but it was too far away and to make it easier we decided to hitchhike to Arandjelovac, a small town near a lake. We crossed two borders, from Hungary to Croatia and… Continue reading


Tramprennen – 3rd stage

Despite  a very difficult hitchhiking day, we didn’t want to give up on our third stage, Pecs (Hungary), and we managed arrive at 1am after spending 3 hours in an empty petrol station. I was the one with no hope but Rita continued to remind me that, “Nothing is impossible”. We arrived in Pecs after Rita hitchhiked with… Continue reading


Tramprennen – 2nd stage

After having an amazing bonfire with delicious food in Karlovy Vary, the next day we left Czech Republic to go  Slovakia. We arrived in Trencin and we stayed in a really nice camp site next to a river. We really enjoyed our stay there drinking beer and wine and having fun all together.


Tramprennen – 1st stage

After meeting in Frankfurt we couchsurfed at Jiris’ place and the next morning we hitchhiked for the first time to Wurzburg to meet the other teams. There were more than 100 people and we had dinner and a lot of fun together. The routes were announce by randomly picking a piece of paper from a… Continue reading


Ready! Go!

Hey folks! We are ready, super ready! Time to pack and hit the road. The race will start officially on August 15th from Würzburg with all the others teams. We will meet in Frankfurt on the 14th to start our trip and reach together the meeting point on the 15th. We look forward to start!… Continue reading


Funky Monkeys

What happens when a monkey meets another monkey? Well, they get totally crazy and decide to take a trip together, but… not really a normal trip. Rita is a little portuguese monkey that loves nature and explores the highest mountains,  fastest rivers and gazes at stars at night. Marco is an adventurous italian monkey that… Continue reading


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