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Travel and find yourself. The truth that nobody tells you

If you are tired of your life, unhappy, stressed and thinking of leaving everything behind, well… don’t.
After travelling around the world for a bit, different circumstances brought me home for a while. I had been very confused and feeling stuck in a big city that is too small for me. I even realised that when I had found myself in situations like this in the past, I would have just left. However, strangely enough, I now feel that traveling at this time is not going to work like it did before. It isn’t the right moment. For months I couldn’t understand why I felt like this. Sometimes I even spoke with people who didn’t know me and after they listened to my random stories they said, “You know, I really think you should take a long trip.” Well, no, not at all.

The thing I wonder about is: why do you need to leave to find yourself? I think there is a lot of confusion around this. Finding yourself is not equivalent or even proportionate to the kilometres you’ve travelled or the amount of cultures you have lived amongst. And who says that finding yourself will give you answers to your questions anyway? Go deep and look inside yourself, is something you can do by simply staying at home. There are a lot of tools that can help you with this, even though it may be a little more difficult. Traveling is definitely not always the solution.

Traveling doesn’t help you find yourself, it makes you fight against yourself and leads to an inevitable transformation in the end. Traveling gives you strength for the creation of the new You. Going through different realities, cultures, places and emotions that being on the road can give you, you are forced to fight with a version of yourself that you didn’t even know about. And just when you think you are on the right path, you crash into a new wall of doubts and questions that bring you challenges you thought you wouldn’t see anymore.

To those of you who are planning a big trip, I ask: why do you want to leave? If your answer is like many others’, to find myself, stop. Think about it again.
Traveling is not synonymous with finding yourself. Traveling means leaving with the eyes of a dreamer adventurer, an eagerness to discover, exploring unknown worlds outside your comfort bubble and embracing new and unexpected opportunities.
Traveling is not going on holiday. It’s difficult, you are completely naked and exposed to the world. A lot of people undervalue these aspects of traveling.
Traveling is not just a question of miles, there are several ways and different kinds of travel.
If you don’t have an answer to my question, then go. But go as light as you can, get lost and let yourself be driven by the unexpected. Be ready and conscious that out there you will find another person. Empty your backpack and leave with nothing, you can fill it up with beauty, adventures, doubts, impressions and emotions of the new You you will meet out there.

3 Comments Travel and find yourself. The truth that nobody tells you

  1. Matus

    Nice article. I think that sometimes people travel, because they are trying to escape from themselfs and then they are surprised when similar problems appear on their trip. That’s happened to me 😀 ha ha…

    1. Marco

      But that is a good thing as well. It´s always good to understand some things that we actually try to avoid but that is not the right point to face them 🙂

  2. carla

    Bravo Marco,non è facile mollare tutto e partire,in pochi riescono a farlo e comunque qualsiasi decisione uno prende troverà sempre degli ostacoli da superare.


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