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This section of the blog wants to create a space where you can find different perspectives and point of views about traveling. Different experiences, thoughts and stories.
In these WanderInterviews with others travellers, through their different adventures,  you can see the world in many other ways.
The only common thing for everyone, is wandering around this world.
If you are reading this, you are a traveller or you have a story you would like to tell, please write me through this link: Contact Me

WanderInterview – Carpe that fucking Diem. Tomorrow must be lived today

Hello there, I’m Luca Curti Gialdino, a guy from Rome of 27 years old, with a degree in economy on my left hand, and a list of 101 things to do before I die on my right hand. When I had to choose, at the end of uni, I didn’t have any doubts: I declined… Continue reading


WanderInterview – Let’s pack the bag. An adventure in south-east Asia

After their first trip together 8 years ago to London, Ludo and Nico they couldn’t stop to travel. The first big adventure was Australia, months and months traveling, camping and thousand of miles on the road,  the feeling to freedomly choose day by day what to do of your life. Our way to look at… Continue reading


WanderInterview – Barbara. “I took my life in my hands and started to create the life I wanted”

I’m finding harder than it should writing this. I’m sitting on a used sofa, in a friend’s house while travelling around New Zealand with my brother, who came here for a while to visit me during my one-year working holiday visa. This was supposed to be my farewell trip before catching that one flight that… Continue reading


WanderInterview – Jessica and Marco. Travel to be Alive.

After spending one year in New Zealand with a working holiday visa, we came back home with the idea of leaving again soon for another big adventure: a round the world trip. We worked and saved for one year and a half and then left Italy in September 2015. We’ve traveled through China, Cambodia, Myanmar… Continue reading


WanderInterview – Dwayne Parton. Sometimes I wander

I started on my 31st birthday, July 13, 2015 in Bryson City North Carolina. I drove from there west to Colorado and spent a considerable amount of time in Wyoming and Montana. I drove north to Alaska from there on the Alaskan Highway all the way to Deadhorse, Alaska. That’s as far North as a… Continue reading


WanderInterview – Massimo. On my way to Africa

Massimo Lo Bianco, a guy like everyone else, more beardly than his peers but still with two legs and two arms. Few days ago I reached the 300th day of this trip of mine, one of the most important moments of my life. A period of my life, which gave me tons of surprises, unforgettable… Continue reading


WanderInterview – Nina and Giuse, “Leaving the old way”

What a good way to start this new section of the blog , if not with the travellers, Nina and Giuse, and their motto “Leaving the old way – Is your present life the best one you can live?”” How many time have you said to yourself “I’ll leave it all, I’ll go on my… Continue reading


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